martes, 20 de abril de 2010


As can you see we have finally the stickers and the T-shirt...........:)
5 Stickers(for inside or outside the mirror) Great vinyl quality!!!!!

FREE!!! sticker for every Dove Blue owner... Bus,Beetle,Karmann,Bike.......(Previous Photo of your ride and posterior with the sticker!!!!).

Oval DBO Crew Stickers JUST for Dove Blue ownwers. 2€/ud 13x8cm (normal or reverse).

Oval DBO Supporter Stickers (For supporters!!!) 2€/ud 13x8cm (normal or reverse).

Squared Stickers 2€/ud 13x5cm (normal or reverse).
-Dove blue a race apart
-Engine on the rear and water in the river
-It´s not just a blue car.......

Just the cost price no Bussines here, they cost me 1,79€/ud (I made just 10 of each), and the packing to send them to you. (POST NOT INCLUDED). Buyer pays shipping!!!

About the t-Shirts......

They cost a lot to me so..... there is no sale of this product!!!!
Just if you can not make them for yourself I can arrange it (21€/ud).
I can send to everybody the logos by mail to make your own t-shirts.
My first idea was to put the logo in the front and the photo of every owner´s ride in the back (but with the high cost to make just one at each time I prefer this way).